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Saturday, 18 April 2020


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It seems to have worked for Grumpy.


Something has changed MiLord and we are no longer able to edit posts - perhaps 9 months ago. What I do is after I post one I leave the editor in a tab for a few days. (It will survive a reboot.) You can always re-edit that way. After a week you can get rid of it.

The Great Censor - the only person I know who has practiced censorship - the loudest advocate for free speech that I know - always has the ability to edit any article - because if an article agrees with his views, it never needs censorship!


You can edit posts.

Go into the Site as if you were going to compose a new post, click the posts tab, find the older post you wish to edit in the list, go into it and make any changes, then press publish again.

I did it to this post.

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