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Monday, 03 February 2020


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A rectangular based pyramid would require 8 vertices of 3 different lengths


Well spotted Bastard.

I think the blade was put in upside down in case someone cut themselves in the shop, but I was too lazy to turn it around. It worked in reverse anyway.

Do you want the answer? There were three broom handles cut into 8 pieces of 3 different lengths.


I have worked it out, given Thygo's insight. It is pay review time in Spetz firm. Each staff is invited to cut off a length of broom stick that they feel represents their pay rise. What is left of the broomstick goes to the partners!


Astounding, Holmes! How do you do it?


well I don't know what he is up to (cutting a broom handle?)
but I am bemused why the blade in the little saw is upside down.
I am sure the teeth are supposed to be on the bottom, not the 'inside' ...


He is showing that if you slice and dice the data carefully you can show that there us no human induced climate change.

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