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Sunday, 10 February 2019


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what was the verdict?


OK I will let Python check the rules before I commit.


Huge Post by Paul !!
telling review by Python - combat system with a serious flaw?
Of course, the trouble with these Mega games is they take so long to set up and the rules are so complex. Says me the lover of accuracy ...


I noticed it being advertised. I used to set up the game pre my parenting life. I do intend to set it up on our table tennis table at a time when the house is quiet.

From memory, the units look identical - unseasoned and seasoned system the same.

The combat system was frightful. Almost every result has one side completely eliminated with all leaders and the other side taking some damage. I found this completely ahistorical. Caesar lost at Dyrrhachium a matter of weeks before he won at Pharsalus - and even then had to race to Alexandria to stop Pompey raising a new army.

If Al has not fixed that, no banana. I'll read the rules after dignity.

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