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Saturday, 15 September 2018


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(sigh) You could have done a turn with the time it took you to type that comment. Nice live links though.


All Talksy, no turnsky.

The answer is straightforwards, and involves infidelity, homosexuality and beta testing.

You may recall at the end of the Fuqing Menz Weekend in Canberra, we all embraced and promised to to start up Alea Jacta Est for a break from EDEE?

Well, taking my pledge seriously, I played a few scenarios of the game, but struggled to understand the game system. I went on line and found a forum of players of the game chatted and before long I was signed in for a learning game.

Time passed. My FMW friends failed to start the game, and I discovered a Napoleonic variant of AJE, Wars of Napoleon, or WoN. (The image of Napoleon on the right is from that game.) As I find the Napoleonic Wars very interested, perhaps because I grew up at Waterloo, or perhaps because the first wargame I ever played was Napoleon at Waterloo - great article on it: https://mapandcounters.blogspot.com/2009/11/spi-napoleon-at-waterloo-1971-1979.html), so I soon found myself playing several of those.

One of the WoN players said I just had to try an awesome WW2 game called Advanced Tactics Gold, and despite my bad memories of weirdos at highschool arguing over the merits of tiger tanks and spitfires, I decided to give it a go. It was awesome, and I because hooked on this game to.

Eventually the circle closed as at a follow-up FMW in Rotorua, I demoed ATG to these warlocks, flakes, oathbreakers or renegers (https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/44251/is-there-a-word-for-a-promise-breaker#44253) and they finally decided to give EDEE a break. (Not disparaging EDEE, also a great game, but from a previous century, it has a limited life. 8 years of solid gaming was not bad!)

I also became knows in The Wargaming Club (http://www.thewargamingclub.net/en/Home.php)as a bit of a decent sort and a game moderator, so when a new ATG scenario (http://www.vrdesigns.net/scenario.php?nr=151) was being designed, I put my hand up to test. The scenario was so detailed that it routinely crashed my Steam version of ATG, so after a few emails, I was an alpha version of the patched ATG game.

So when ever I have to play an ATG turn in those scenarios, I start up the beta version and otherwise stay with the steam version (so my FMW mates know I am alive). So if I play one turn in one version and the other in the next, ATG notices that the log files are missing. It appears that I had not played the previous turn, so who had?

So, how can this be an ATG cheat? Simple. If I play a turn, make an error, and restart the turn, you all get a warning. But if I play a turn, make an error, uninstall the game, reinstall it, (or play it on someone else's computer) and then play the turn again, there is only the delete log files warning.

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