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Wednesday, 12 April 2017


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Tee world will be consumed by fire. Last Pope according to St Malachy's list. 100 years since Fatima.
Escaton anyone?
I agree with you. It is a really bad idea.
Trump is a chump so he may well think it is a good, testosterone charged idea.
As I heard the author of the recently published novel about Cicero say that Lenin said - "if you aren't sure what to do, start a fight, then it will become clear"
however in this case there may be no opportunities to do what presents itself as we may all be gone ...


The whole world has gone mad. Note you are included in this world as am I.

In a sane world there would be no Chump in the White House, no Putin in the Kremlin, no article 50 being triggered and no inaction on Climate Change. Welcome to the human race!

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