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Tuesday, 03 January 2017


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ah, I can see that Paul will have to plan for multiple flash guns that are triggered remotely to get that perfect wargame lighting



In my experience when taking photos of wargame maps and counters you need lots of extra light. I think I used three reading lamps for support last time I did it.


your observation about soaking up the sense of place vs taking photos is widely held to be true. I am guilty of this.


ah, trying to lure me into the wargame with technological bait !

but yes, probably. Miniatures would be better (or batteries ...) - they are standing up in the focal plane, whereas a flat map has a bunch of angles going on ...


I remember the split focus circle from my first trip to Europe with Margo in our 20s. I preferred the instamatic at the time as Margo would spend a long time lining up photos ad I would just snap and only rarely were her photos better and often she missed the chance just to absorb the location. IMHO in any case.

Can you set up some wargame counters on a map and demonstrate different focus techniques?

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