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Sunday, 01 January 2017


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Go professional shooters! But ... lamb and beef taste better. And any sausage that is not pork is undeserving of the name "sausage".


This argument won't cut much ice with Paul (especially as he thinks there will be more ice ...)

but it should with Python ...

Kangaroo meat is environmentally friendly to produce:
less erosion and soil compaction - flat wide pads instead of sharp narrow hooves (force is a square (or cube?) function)
less methane = less warming

Paul might be swayed in supporting professional shooters who harvest the resource


Thygo has been very generous with his hospitality. He may also have achieved something very difficult: to get Python and Paul to agree about something, namely what they think of eating roo!


Hapy New Year all. Lots of ATG will make it do. Great game!

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