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Wednesday, 29 July 2015


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All excellent guesses.

There are actually two reasons, and Margo guessed one of them. The floral design reminds me of a poppy which reminds me of World War I which reminds me of wargames.

The second reason is obscure. The cup is part of a set from Royal Albert which includes a reproduction of a Royal Albert cup & saucer from each decade starting in 1900. This one is the 1970 set, aka PRESTAGS era.


Good quiz. My first thought was it was a hexagon in shape, but instead it is an octagon. (Octavius against the Conspirators?) Margo points out the Poppy and perhaps a Limogue ceramic. That suggests the the Battle of Chalons. There is no possibility that it is a pre seventeenth century tea cup. So I'm stumped too.


because you are "no shrinking violet"?

or because it is the most ancient cup you have in your house?

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