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Saturday, 27 June 2015


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I certainly hope that when they come for the Cross you will still be standing next to me ...


No, I am not a fan of revising history. But recent history does have sensitivities that cannot be ignored.

I think we in Australia have no reason to fear Confederate flags or Swastikas, but we too have our sore points - bodyline bowling anyone?

I have no problems with war games of these periods, or even playing as these powers. I do note that I have many games of the fall of the Roman Empire, the fall of Constantinople and the Rise of Islam, but have never played as the victors, only striven with the defeated. I suggests that I too have sore points.


You might consider reading a little history before grabbing the matches and running off to the latest mass hysteria book burning.

And as for the Dutchmen who was agitated by German beer: not a great advertisement for the book burners.

Are you seriously suggesting I should throw out all the counters in my historical simulation games that have a Confederate Flag on them? And all the World War II games that have a swastika? Apple have actually stopped war game Apps which include Confederate Flags. It is 40 years since the PRESTAGS era and now for the first time there is censorship of wargames. And you still don't get it?


I note that you may not fly a Nazi flag in Germany - nor in France. That is because it represents the political extremism that lead to murder and torture in those states. I was at a funeral of a Dutch immigrant a few years back, and the son of the deceased became very agitated when German beer was served.

Therefore I am quite sympathetic with a feeling of disgust that any African American would feel towards the Confederate Flag, given the secessionist's stated aim was to preserve slavery as an institution. I also doubt they would feel much love towards the US flag under which they were originally enslaved and are now maintained in poverty.

I would personally consider the flying of a Confederate Flag within sight of the residence or workplace of an African American as offensive as the Orange Walk in Belfast.

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