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Saturday, 30 May 2015


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HURRAH, a comment from ThygoCanberra. Yes I was good, and I did my turn before posting. Anything less would have been too cruel to Python.

If the responses to the alleged "climate change" involved the big end of town there would be less opposition to them from ordinary folk. Alas, the responses all involve taxing and regulating ordinary people while the big corporations continue in their tax havens. Do you really think Obama et al would be permitted to pursue the "climate" agenda if their mega corporate owners were not comfortable with it?


I was going to comment that in the time it took Paul to research this 'important' speech that he could have done a turn.

And "voila" he has done one!

I see Python has also done some research.

Australia faces climate challenges, no question. We can argue over what the cause is but the solutions don't suit the big end of town.


Oh, attacking the man (in this case woman) and not the ball again, just like the attacks on Lord Monckton. I suppose when you have no arguments ...

Speaking of shots and bows: when the cat is away the rats will play.


An odd little shot across the bows. I find it interesting that Donna can use neither names nor titles. Perhaps her emotions are clouding her judgement?

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