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Saturday, 02 May 2015


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Not really. When you buy toilet paper, do you buy the number of sheets you need, or do you buy 20 rolls to get a better price and but the excess rolls in the cupboard.

Similarly, it costs more than my entire tax bill to buy my son the education he needs, but if I pool my money with the rest of the state, I get an amazing array of education options that he could benefit from.


Hmmm, so what you are saying is that someone else is paying for the services you personally care about.


Interesting. I sat down and did an analysis of my tax a couple of years ago (when wealthy and working in a finance company) and began to calculate what I would have to pay if I personally sourced the services I CARED about. I reckon my tax bill is about 1/3 of that. The services I do not care about but probably would miss if they were not there were a bonus.

I think you need a reality check. Read about life in Ancient Athens - tax rate there was effectively 0% except of the occasional liturgy.

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