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Monday, 02 March 2015


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Steven Winter

I'm way late to the conversation, but the error is that the archer has somehow drawn the bow with the arrow behind his neck - a trick shot worthy of William Tell.

Kevin Zucker

Hi Paul, I didn't see a place to send you an email. I am the publisher of a magazine called Wargame Design. I worked with John Young back in SPI days (1973-75). There has never been an appreciation of John's designs that I know of. I thought you did a good job here. I'd be interested in having a print version of this article to reprint in the magazine, if you are willing. Please let me know. Contact me through www.Napoleongames.com Thanks! -Kevin Zucker

Orest Swystun

Do you have the prestag rules in electronic format. My rules are in terrible shape and I was hoping that someone had them in electronic format.


"It is morning, 1288 BC" does not correspond to any scenario. It is close to Kadesh; 10 years off.


There are no chariot archers in the game.

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