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Saturday, 07 February 2015


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Apart from the fact that I am not a monarchist, I agree with Thygo's excellent comments.

Kristina Keneally is another of those disgusting cafeteria Catholics, and worse because she is often dragged out by the media as some kind of Catholic expert.

To add to the scandal, are those clerics (including Bishops) who not only remain silent, but actually administer communion to these heretics and baby killers.


Paul opined that politics is a popularity contest.

So in a society where there are no moral norms, no virtues, only elastic and nebulous values; where God is explicitly excluded from the public square and anyone who appeals to the Divine as a reason is howled down, we can only expect to have served up mirrors of that society as its leaders.

Perhaps this is why I am philosophically a monarchist - a true christian monarch will not be beholden to the changeable whims but should be devoted to the upholding of the Gospel and to rule for the benefit of the commonweal.

Without a unifying religion a democratic society is doomed to the LCD.


I agree with Paul's thesis - laetae sententiae excommunication seems very plausible.
Abbott has not covered himself in orthodox glory either.
And also for Kristina Kennealy and a host of others, now on both sides.
I wonder how far this extends into currently accepted practices - contraception, IVF etc (many examples in the liberal and labor parties who have been feted by the media over their IVF sagas).

Feminism is the great unchallenged heresy of our times. The fact that the concupiscence of men means they will do anything to allow their urges to be satiated contributes to this. Feminism is unchallengable, 'right to choose'is unchallengable. Feminism has made contraception and abortion its sacraments and men have lapped it up because it has increased their ability to satiate their desires without consequences to a degree formerly unimaginable.

In an age where people want access to every aspect of their lives, and those of others (war media for instance), including medical procedures, I am amazed that the graphic reality of abortion continues to remain hidden, and for those who dare to speak of it they are worse than the worst criminals. But the devil loves the dark and people are happy to delude themselves.

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