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Sunday, 08 February 2015


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Steven Winter

I've found this scenario is more interesting than it appears. Victory depends entirely on who controls the oasis; nothing else matters. The Egyptians always panic after a few turns of combat, but with five leaders to keep control of at least five units, they can still mount a last-ditch defense of the oasis. Driving those final handful of defenders away from the oasis can be a tough slog, since they all have leaders to absorb Disruptions. Taking the oasis before nightfall against the Egyptians' last-stand defense can be a touch-and-go thing. It can easily come down to a hail Mary attack against the oasis on the last turn, and I've seen the Egyptians win more than once - but never with more than one unit remaining, desperately clinging to the oasis.


All photos are taken with the smart phone under natural light, so nothing amazing.

Given the constant references to typos in PRESTAGS scenarios, I am surprised John Michael Young was never pushed to provide errata.


Great photos. It's hard to get the light right on the maps. See, PRESTAGS does play well as a solitaire. I remember playing Roman Civil War scenarios from Legion solitaire. Far be it for me to criticise John Young, but I agree with you about killing leaders and VPs. There should be more VPs for killing a leader (at least the main leader) and points for reducing leaders.

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