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Monday, 23 February 2015


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There are no ignoble materials. All have on creator. There are however ignoble people who seek to hoard and prevent others from accessing parts of creation.

I am not so much a fan of reality in crucifixes; amongst other things Jesus was naked. I like the clever union of related symbols that invites the mind to find linkages and question one's prejudices.


I didn't know about the Jansenist crucifix interesting (I think my Grandfather's rosary beads had a crucifix like that.

I agree with Paul - Benedict began to give beauty back its rightful place.

The 3 transcendentals - the true, the good, the beautiful.

I take Python's point about gaudy triumphalism but ... that is exactly what the Cross is a symbol of - Triumph. It is worthy that we should give honour to the symbol of our redemption, fashioning those symbols with beauty and noble materials.

A look at the older hymnody of Venantius Fortunatus (Vexilla Regis and Crux fidelis) gives us an insight into the (less guilt-ridden or pietistic?) view of the Cross from the first millenium - 'regal banners', 'noble tree'.

I suppose an argument for the stylistic contorted corpuses is to emphasize Christ's real suffering. But these are not realistic representations. I cannot help wondering if the generation of the 60s, even in the church, couldn't resist the trendiness of avant garde expressions - the desire to confront for confronting's sake.


I think we have that crucifix above our bed - it was a wedding present from our Italian relatives. I'm with Paul in preferring the other forms with embedded with symbolism, although I really do not like gold crosses - it strikes me as an uncomfortable juxtaposition of sacrifice and greed.

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