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Saturday, 31 January 2015


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I have what I need ... your address.


we've got duck eggs, plums and raspberries - what are you going to eat?


I agree with you about the shale oil industry, but I assume the balance of the comment is comedy. It is such a mixture of assumption, error and delusion that one does not know where to start!


"Good jobs in the Oil Industry"? What no good jobs in the Tobacco industry, Good jobs in the Asbestos Industry, Good jobs in the Armaments Industry or Good jobs in the Abortion Industry. Climate change is going to cause far more unnecessary deaths in the next 80 years than the rest of these put together.

Apart from that, fun article,and good choice for the blog. I think what the author is mistaking, is that 1970's business was not nirvana. It worked because of the technology and politics of the time. In a time of globalisation, jobs move around faster than economies can adapt. This will move pain and poverty away from the Third World where it was happily exported last century, but it was always a problem we as a global community had to fix.

Similarly, reduction in shipping is a symptom of miniaturisation. The industrial goods we depend on are much smaller and lighter than they used to be. Look at all the empty factories in Sydney, and yet Sydney is manufacturing more than it ever has. Look at the slow death of the postal service. A lot of what we use is now electronic and lives on servers who knows where.

Finally, one of the best things we could do for this planet is to kill the shale oil industry. The only people who like it are those who do not live near it and do not believe they depend on the biosphere. I hope Obama vetoes it.

The reason oil prices are down is that the US now burns fracked natural gas for its power instead of oil and coal. We may go the same way.

The 70's are over. We all miss John Michael Young, but it is time to move on!

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