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Saturday, 10 January 2015


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I have seen some of the blasphemous cartoons about Our Lord and I was shocked and sickened. The cartoonists certainly were not saints. But they did express their perverted views with a pen. The Islamists expressed their perverted views with violence.

In the wake of the Paris murders the politicians are calling for more internet controls and Obama is going to lead a 'security' summit. I fear there will be a move towards internet restrictions, that attempts to control 'hate speech' will capture legitimate political discourse (albeit unpalatable views) and the Islamists will achieve a reduction in free speech in our society brought by our own weak and pathetic politicians.


I have thought of a neater way to say what I was trying.

Just because not good people are killed by bad people doesn't result in them becoming saints.

I was concerned that Paul would use my arguments in support of (parts) of the ABC against me in this debate.


Am I being Jorge or William of Baskerville from the Name of the Rose?

I first heard of this in a state of semi-awake as the radio news came on. When I heard the words 'satirical French publication' I actually wondered if the far-right might have been responsible.

I hope like St Thomas that we can (always) distinguish. Were the crimes of these fanatics deplorable? Yes. Is this militant Islam a problem? yes. Do I agree with your thesis that having diametrically opposed religions coexisting on equeal terms is a recipe for disaster? Yes.
A separate matter is whether those cartoonists should have been free not only the ridicule the prohpet (which for Muslims is if course deeply offensive) but also have apparently targetted the Church and almighty God in their 'humour'.
Catholic system of thinking has absolutes. Blasphemy is not acceptable even under cover of humour. Perhaps part of the troubling social question and the decline of the west is that the remnant of Christian Europe is not troubled by, or ashamed to question, blasphemy and vitriolic attack of things that are holy.


While I suspect I would find much of the satire of Charlie Hebdo not to my taste, the first sign of both a fanatic and an abandonment of humanity is the loss a sense of humor.

The murder of cartoonists says an awful lot about the religion of those who perpetrated this crime. It also reinforces my view that not all cultures are compatible, and that France has made a tragic mistake in opening its doors to persons with incompatible cultures.


Good response. I do agree that the satire of Charlie Hebdo is tasteless, racist and insensitive, and not something I would ever read.


I shall NOT say "Je suis Charlie".

I do not identify with the licence for blashpemy and desecration under the disguise of 'free speech' for which this publication actually stands, in the worst traditions of atheistic, anti-Christian, revolutionary France.

I do however decry the actions of the islamist extremists and support their being subjected to the full weight of the law.

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