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Tuesday, 07 October 2014


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A walking machine, because we really were going to use it!


What is underneath that pink cloth.


Half way there (1 & 3)
1. There is water in the galss, not wine
2. The lid is on the bottle when I am pouring
3. There are Legion counters on a Spartan map (and no BC should be on a Spartan map)
4. No Spartan scenarios start in that corner of the map (and none have a stacking of 1)

Bonus answer: Incorrect Tee Shirt!!!! (worth 6 points)

Total: 8/10 = Distinction

Note. Can you ever not need a refill if you are playing PRESTAGS!


1. The map is Spartan, but the rules and counters are Legion.
2. You already have a glass of wine in the first photo, so there is no need to pour one in the second photo.
3. You are right handed, but you are holding the glass of wine in your left hand.
4. You are not wearing an official PRESTAGS t-shirt.


There are four errors in the photos. Can you find 3 more?


The Charddy looks a bit pale. Where is the dark yellow and gold oaked colour. I notice it is a kiwi Charddy which may explain it. Does your cupboard have plenty of Aussie Charddy.


I suggest we have a "Hexes, Chardy and Take away" evening once a month alternating between my table tennis room and your board room.


You are right, we must do it. Especially since civilization may end soon with ebola.

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