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Saturday, 11 October 2014


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This is definitely not a subject where I want to say "I told you so".

I note with alarm that within an hour of posting my last comment about my concerns about the preparedness of Western hospitals, that a nurse who treated the ebola patient in Dallas and who wore full protective gear now has the disease: http://www.prisonplanet.com/second-case-of-ebola-diagnosed-in-dallas.html


I don't think there is anything cool about this virus.

I sincerely hope and pray you are correct about the spread in westernised economies. My fear is that our hospital systems are barely coping, and operate in a perpetual state of crisis, just with the current levels of illness. There is almost no capacity for anything extra, and virtually no medical infrastructure for a highly deadly and contagious disease like ebola.

We probably have two, perhaps three, months to get this kind of infrastructure in place but I can't see our politicians or public servants moving their arses to get this done.


I think that it is cool how the virus is shaped like a worm and I would like to hear Thygs explanation of that. (He used to draw me diagrams of the shapes of different virii - the "lunar lander" shape is quite common.)

I agree that the outbreak is not being given funding priority or sufficient media analysis. I disagree slightly that the WHO has failed - more that it has been sidelined, but you probably know more about this than me.

I disagree that a westernised economy could not contain the the virus. Infection is only likely when symptoms are showing and requires bodily fluid exchange. (And I am very angry that Bob Katter thinks that those who go help in West Africa should be treated as Zombies on their return.) That said, more people will die of this than have died, and more than ISIS will kill so this should be a bigger priority for Australia.

What is happening at Fukushima? I've heard nothing of late. Time for a new reveal all blog!

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