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Wednesday, 01 October 2014


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phil mowatt

I remember reading in an S&T that he unfortunately developed a drinking problem that led to his early demise. It's interesting to think of what might have been as he was one of the brilliant lights in game design at the time. I have fond memories of playing some of his games.


I did a bit of homework on John Michael Young this evening, by skimming old S&T magazines. I found his death notice on page 40 of S&T n 69. I also found out that he was a fine water pistol fighter, even in mid winter, in a short piece on page 39 of S&T 66. He first appears in the magazines in issue 23 as a "Numerologist", but was an associate editor by issue 27 when he wrote a great piece on the Campaigns of Alexander (the Great).

John was a game designer for Grunt (S&T 26), a Vietnam War game, Fall of Rome (S&T 39) and Armageddon (S&T 34, a precusor to Chariot). He wrote a number of game play reports, but his style is quite technical, so reveals nothing of himself or is idiosyncrasies.

I share Paul's sadness at the early departure of someone we only now can appreciate.


Even you will struggle to use your cavalry to out manoeuvre angelic intelligences!


Being reading about him, but I can only find your source material in Board Game Geek. I did glean that he let SPI due to illness, perhaps the cause of his untimely death.

Wargames in heaven: Awesome idea! Who sets up the counters?

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