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Saturday, 06 September 2014


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1) This is Lord Monckton month. Last month was Red Lettuce month, but the topic was exhausted after a post and a few topics. Lord Monckton is a topic that keeps giving and giving as he is the key source of data upon which Climate Skeptics base their objections. You know when his data is about, because Swastikas appear.
2) The world has warmed since 1997. This is a key Lord Monckton lie. He has cherry picked the data to make a chart that shows a cooling trend. It is false. It is deception. it is a lie.
3) Show me the Al Gore quote. As noted above, every quote I have seen said "could".
4) Models are inaccurate. They have never been otherwise. I have heard a quote saying that "Economic forecasts were invented to make Astrology look respectable." If the models are inaccurate, why produce them. They are produced because non-scientists are demanding them. People want to know what to costs of climate change will be. They want to know who will be the losers and will there be any winners. A whole science has sprung up around how to meet this demand. It is not mature yet. However, more energy is going into this planet than departing. There will be costs.
5) Lord Monckton will have the last laugh. Fools always giggle.
6) Yes; Arctic ice is up 50% from 2012. It is still down 40% from 1980. Does a disaster have to happen in the same decade as it is predicted for action to be taken?


Who is the greater fool? The fool, or the fool who follows him? This all depends on your perspective, from a certain point of view


Ah, now I see what you are doing, and it is not a logical argument. You are saying (a) Lord Monckton is a nutter + (b) Lord Monckton is a climate sceptic = all climate sceptics are nutters. You really are running out of steam.


I concede nothing, dear friend. I just have wanted to clearly label Lord Monckton as a deceiver, as many of the "facts" discounting climate science in this blog are, in fact, his. He is guilty of many lies, but not of claiming that the Arctic ice would be gone by 2014. I also wanted to clearly identify him as the author of the claim that climate scientists are Nazis.

The actual extent of sea ice has only been measurable since the satellite age, so it would be impossible to take the chart back before then. You can get inferences from the tales of the journeys of explorers, such as Roald Amundsen, but it would be hard to compare such descriptions with satellite photos.

Of course, there are other metrics which can be used to get indications of change back many hundreds, thousands and millions of year, but I choose to leave those to next month's article.


Have you conceded the climate change debate? All of your arguments seem to have devolved to an attack on Lord Monckton, and not necessarily about his climate views. Last time I looked Monckton didn't receive a Nobel "peace prize" and stand before the world and predict that the Arctic ice would be gone in 7 years.

Why don't you take your nice little graph back to the little ice age before 1900? Because you are just as guilty of selective data as Lord Monckton is.

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