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Monday, 11 August 2014


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A fair and honest description, and I can understand why the bit about the secret Lockheed Martin conference was left out.


Ah yes, I remember it like it was yesterday! I was sitting in a cafe with a dear school friend discussing things of import when I noticed a beautiful lady sitting indoors, perhaps six tables away.

Ah, but even now, after so much time has passed, my eye forgets nothing. For as I noticed her, as if an angel had whispered in her ear, but she looked up at me and our eyes met. Perhaps it was the arcing plasma of the molecules of air stripped of their electrons by the intensity of our locked gaze, but I noticed nothing else, neither tattoo nor tired reference to false climate sceptic data that my friend was alluding to.

As if mesmerised, we stood up and walked towards each other, and time froze around the piazza. The pigeon mid flight in the air, the laughter of the children playing stilled like droplets of water from a fountain. I reached the door first, and flexing my pectoral muscles with unmistakable masculinity, pulled open the door and whispered hoarsely "Ma chere".

"Thank you" she laughed, her sweet voice ringing like the carillon calling the faithful to matins, "and a thought you should know", her sweet voice catching ever so slightly betraying the depth of her emotions, "that your fly is undone."

Ah, Celeste and I were so perfect together. In a few mere seconds we spelled out an infinity of passion across the multi-verses where opportunity aligned with availability in the tango of true love.

Even now the moment is like an oil canvas that captures a paroxysm of truth that knows no defeat. Did my dear friend Paul realise that the history of the universe was rewritten that sunny morning?

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