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Sunday, 27 July 2014


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As I predicted, the game is over. It did not last one more turn. The Evil Emperor Ming abdicated and now faces war crime charges for genocide.


I suggest that there is little variation in optimal strategies for a game of few starting cities on a black map. Strategic cleverness comes to the fore once exploration is finished. To date, your middle game is better than mine given equal size. I focus on ensuring sizes are markedly different after exploration.


The image is a straight snip from the screen. I think you may be right: the consequences of the wrong builds at the beginning or a failure to take sufficient cities are exponential. But points for trying something different.


I doubt it. I think Paul had the nukes in his initial build. Now he is thinking damn, I took out 2 Python cities but for all that effort, I could have taken 15 other ones. I anticipate an early declaration in this new game.

BTW, in the graphic, how are some of the nukes above the black and other covered by it.

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