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Friday, 01 August 2014


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How did you go?


Yes, you could draw many numbers from the same counters. I tried to let the counters "speak for themselves" as it were, eg the striking thing (to me anyway) about the viking ship is the movement allowance of 15. I also had in the back of my mind (and I concede there is no mathematics at all to this, since any one of the 259,000,000 combinations is equally likely as any other combination) that the numbers in each game should include both odd and even and should cover a range through 1 to 75 (ie not all be numbers below 10 for example). I wonder how we will go. At least a minor prize may cover a bottle of charddy or two.


I am astonished at how you convert Facts into Figures. My mind picked out several corrections as I read through your post, but instead I concede that we see the world very differently. Anyway, before the draw (presuming a causation based, temporally ordered universe, despite this being clearly false at the Quantum level) a movement allowance is equally probable as a fire range or a rule section.

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