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Wednesday, 29 January 2014


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Some good points there about Australian building construction. I'm not sure whether the planet is cooling. It might even be warming a little. But it is not primarily caused by man. And it certainly does not justify a social and taxation reorganization of our society so we are all worse off. Remember, the rich (with their trusts and artificial entities) pay no tax, corporations (with their offshore service companies and tax havens) pay little tax, it is only the rest of us that get slugged.

I remain concerned about the politicisation of science, which is now blatant in our country, and the misdirection of resources. The head in the sand over Fukushima is a disgrace.

Hmmn, I'm pondering whether to tip my toe in the GM debate ...


no, I am just not convinced by the people who say it is getting colder. That does not accord with my own observations of a number of years here in Canberra.
I think there is evidence that we are seeing warming - of course there are upper and lower bounds of hot events and cold events, storm events and dry events. And whether it is man made is, strictly empirically speaking, not possible to determine with certainty. There are theories and correlations. So the proof (of causation) probably doesn't meet beyond the forensic burden of 'beyond reasonable doubt' but it does seem that the civil case of 'on the balance of probabilities' is a case that deserves a hearing.

Is there politics and dogmatism tied up it? Absolutely. Does that mean we shouldn't still be concerned about the long term effects? I don't think so.

And apart from the CC debate, Australia should have had compulsory passive heating and cooling systems in new and renovated houses, compulsory double glazed windows and proper insulation - all improving efficiency, human comfort and minimising waste. But this country is not into building infrastructure. Especially its super-rich elite class.

I saw a neat map of CO2 output - Australia ia a tiny blackhead. The US is a wopping massive carbuncle. That's where some of the other politics play. Some of those BB corporations Paul is so concerned about in other contexts ... cui bono ? they wouldn't have anything to gain would they?


Hmmn. Do I detect the 'fear' that government employ engenders. Surely not. That would prove my point.


I am not going to get into this one.


...That's the way the bedwetters carry on.


Zombie Apocalypse?

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