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Saturday, 07 December 2013


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Number 3 daughter has always been much more interested in cameras than the other two: she has basically run off with the Nikon and tried it out and taken some excellent shots, especially using the macro settings. This is great for me: she can teach me how to use it!

I saw a show on TV about Nikon's sensors and how good they are: it is probably a good thing that I now have a camera for a company that specialises in such things. The big brother of this camera is the Nikon DSLR P5200 which looks like a super camera. I notice the price on this beast has dropped from $1,600 down to about $1,000.


How's the new beast going - bad moon conditions here in Canberra - a bot of high cloud.


mmmm bright shiny and new !

Congrats. Tripod too !

Now you have to try the moon on MANUAL :-)

I take it St Saba was not your lineage?

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