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Thursday, 05 December 2013


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Why do I feel that a war crime is about to be committed.


My aerial reconnaissance unit and photo lab just presented what they saw, sir!


I'll give the noble Foolish Impalers some co-ordinates for their nukes to allow them to alleviate their warmongering desires without harming the just.


Where is my "big" neverending island full of 400% cities? I want to visit it! Sounds like more misinformation from the corrupt plutocracy.

The peaceful Cymbopogons respect the cultural zone established by the Arachis hypogaea.


The armour is on the "big" island in response to locals claiming ethnic cleansing is happening. They do not intend to intervene but simply to offer a safe haven to refugees feeing persecution...

Big is in quotes because you haven't seen the size of Paul's island yet. It just goes on and on and on and seems loaded with 400% cities...


Teddy Roosevelt as a classicist! Very nice.

But the peanut confederation submits the tolerance which we are showing the Bam Bam tourist recon armour units on OUR big island.
And the peaceful coexistence of our aviators!
We simply asked why all that artillery is moving near to our shared cultural zone or great BAM BAM


Loqui magnum baculum tenens quietus


Not much doubt about that response.


Poland, 31 August 1939. The rhetoric and war warmongering from the meat on a stick idolaters is becoming intolerable to the peace loving Bam Bang Boys.

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