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Friday, 22 November 2013


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I may reveal more ... but I wanted some guesses first!


"all I am going to reveal ..."

Paul the gnostic? >:-o


Was this particular Kennedy part of the beginning of the end for the Catholic Church in the USA, and by influence elsewhere?


Correct, I do not accept 1 or 15. Lee Harvey Oswald was a classic 'patsy'. Who played him, that is the question.


There was a show on TV recently which concluded that all 3 shots could have come from the book depositry because of trajectory and mapping different home movie shots.

I think sometimes shit happens. Who put Lee Harvey Oswald up to it? We will probably never know.


Let me guess. You do not accept theory 1 either.


Your preference for 15 is a fair theory, but it is not the one I hold to.


I would like to add:

17. A cabal of discarded mistresses as JFK was a philander in a style that is no longer acceptable in modern politics, perhaps Italian politics being an exception. (Perhaps if modern politician were more openly fornicating, we would have more respect for them.) Women in the 60s had very little political power but his mistresses generally came from a wealthy set, so had cash and an expectation of privilege. They must have decided "enough is enough" and hired a hit.

Perhaps we could add "18 the society of flat-earthers", but I can't see those gentle loons descending into violence.

An intriguing possibility would be a time traveller from the future averting the nuclear incident during JFK's second term, but I am temporally constrained and can do no more than conjecture on that.

However, I vote for 15, the KGB acting for global revolution.

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