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Saturday, 05 October 2013


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Nothing, I concur. But this is not a crusade, though I suggest the crusades did nothing for the local Christians either. I am not aware of anyone going anything, other than speaking, to reduce the loss of life in Syria, or to protect minorities such as the Christians.

Which approach to you prefer?

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt were persecuting the Christians. The army has reduced that, but there is little else in the behaviour of the army that is worthy of merit.


Was has America done to help the Christians in Iraq and Syria and everywhere else they have invaded or meddled in. Nothing.


I concur that Al Qaeda is in Syria. I would extend that to claim that Al Qaeda is in every middle eastern insurgency - as a splintered group of jihadists. Solution? More drones. I hope not. Promoting health education and prosperity - absolutely.

What also offends me is that their Anglicization is without a U. If they need a Kw sound use a Qu. If you want it shorter, use a "K". We added that to the Latin alphabet for just such a purpose.

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