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Tuesday, 29 October 2013


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I think military means wars which means casualties. The life and death experiences inevitably mean the mind turns to higher things and that means God. In the context of the First World War, the massive casualties and the fact that the vast majority of soldiers in our army were Christians (and at that time, practising Christians) makes it completely understandable that references to God and the afterlife would be an integral part of war memorials and coping with the tragedy.


I always feel nervous when church and military overlap. The needs of the military are usually political: short term, trend-driven and populist.

My current PP is becoming an army chaplain. As a dissident Chinese who was banned for not acknowledging the government appoint bishops when teaching at the seminary, he must be made of the right stuff. I would have thought this would make him very anti-military, and I am surprised that ASIO would sign off on this.

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