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Saturday, 26 October 2013


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Great report. I wish to make a couple of small corrections.

We actually played two games of empire during the conference. We finished up a two player that we started in August and started another. Paul was declared with winner of the former with a 22 city lead once the last neutral fell. Paul did have a new strategy and it did result in a few more of my transports being sunk, but I assert that the reason for the success of the strategy was that 6 of my transports were delayed by 7 turns because they were locked in a lake. By the time they escaped, Paul had a satellite in position and sunk 4 of them. I claim that was the turning point.

I have since reviewed my email logs for 2013. At present, the 2013 score is 3 wins to Paul (a three player win in May, a two player win in Auckland and an honours win for the most posts during the three player, also concluded in Auckland), 1 to Peter (and Paul and I declared him the "line honours" winner in Auckland, the real winner being this blog) and 0 wins to me (but I accept that 2013 has a trend of losses so far; tomorrow this turns around).

Second, I loved Paul's nerdy shirt - we need a picture of it on this blog. Despite it being a really hard act to match, I did get the satisfaction in Eden Park (while Paul was wearing the uber nerdy t shirt) of having someone want to take a photo of my shirt.

Finally, an epilog: I can't find my MI22 T shirt. I fear that LeaderMI22 loved Auckland so much, he decided to stay!


Great report. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Well done.

And Paul I would say that is a great photo through all that perspex and smoke, and shows everything you wanted.

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