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Wednesday, 11 September 2013


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There are 8 different console sessions under linux. These are made visible by pressing Ctrl-Alt-F1 to F8. The purple screen is Ctrl-Alt-F7. Try pressing that next time.


My Ubuntu is going well. The only thing is that approximately every 5 times I turn it on, the screen goes to black with a flashing white cursor and not to the purple Ubuntu password page. With the black page, I find that if I type in my password it still goes into Ubuntu as per normal.


I got a call from him last week. All his bookmarks disappeared again. I went to visit him at home - a nice bungalow at Rodd Point - to see what had happened. It was just that he switched his account from his name to Guest. Otherwise he is very happy with Ubuntu!


Well, they just moved all this files into a different folder, so my friend was delighted when a picture of him sitting on a Crocodile in Thailand popped up. (I had to advert my eyes from the Swim Suit model - they used to be required viewing in barber shops.)

I think I have saved everything. Now the big wipe is happening.

I do feel a bit bad - he has given me 1l of Johnny Walker Black. I have looked it up and it is worth $70. He probably would not have paid more than that to get the PC fixed in a shop.


The beard is heritage listed until Boxing Day.


Was your haircut a #2 or a #3? Surely the beard remains unscathed.

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