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Saturday, 07 September 2013


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If you are not aware of any politician being evil you are blind, deaf and dumb. All of the US politicians who voted for late tern abortion are evil. The Victorian politicians who introduced a repeal of conscientious objection for Christians in hospitals regarding abortion are evil. It is a crime in Victoria if you don't refer to an abortionist: this type of legislation is conceived in Hell. The Greens - well I don't think they even let you join their party until you have sold your soul.


I am not aware of any politicians being evil. Fundamentally they are big compromisers and corrupted by their power to various degrees. While as Christians we do not accept compromise, we still need to live with compromisers and negotiate small steps in the right direction. Remember that democracy can only give a just outcome if a healthy majority want that, and to get to that healthy majority, much ground work is needed.

Keep to your ideals, but be satisfied with nudging the pollies towards them, rather than giving up and call them all hopeless.


Python, I think Thygo has wiped the floor with you on this one.It is always possible to think of something worse, but that does not mean your present is good or lucky or acceptable and we should just be grateful and shut up.


But Python, evil is evil, whether manifest in a democracy or a dictatorship.
And it seems there are some types of evil which get espoused more easily in our democracy which is currently of the 'everyone has a right to their opinion [no matter how wrong]' (unless you are a Christian).


The trouble with you chaps is that you do not know how good you have it. My father told me hair-raising stories of government behaviour in fascist Italy. Other non-democratic nations I read of in the news are considerably worse.

Just be grateful that whoever gets elected, 45% of the Australian population will be hounding them to do what they said they would (while calling them cheats and liars the while time), and these pollies have to face them again in three years.

Imagine your job if you had to reapply for it every 3 years, and your colleagues calling you names while you try to do it!!


There are so many contenders for 'worst', 'last', 'most disgusting' etc.


There are too many bad parties and candidates to put last on the ballots ...

Devil and the deep blue sea.


I told myself that Python would probably waste his vote and say something to upset me, but I would not get upset, so I bite my tongue, take a deep sigh, and say nothing.

I agree with Yodayellow, and with the caveat about where the journey may end up.


This election would have been tricky for the Flower of Islam: Australian leaders don't have beards (yet).

Pick the parties. Darth Vader is an Imperialist (peace through force = pax romamana), Gandalf is a monarchist (overthrowing the Gondor republic), Aragon is an anarchist (Let every one do as they think right) and Ryker is a pragmatist (the ends justify the means).


I think we should revert 2000 years and require our leader to journey to Rome to have their authority confirmed, as King Herod had to. So should we send Abbott to Brussels, Washington or Beijing? Can we leave him there?

I was going to vote for LNP. When Abbott declared the election was a referendum on an ETS, he took my choice away. Pricing out polluting industries is a key role of government for me.

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