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Monday, 02 September 2013


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Great blog. You forgot the horror from our university days of the anime version of Lord of the Rings. You also should have mentioned our wargaming days playing the Lord of the Rings. I remember trying to cover the map with orc patrols and you responded by have a stack of Gondor knights lead by Faramir wiping them out using the overrun rules!

I have a Silmarillion from my teen years. It was a gift from my best friend in America (I've totally lost touch with him - he was working on missile systems so probably the NSA blocked all correspondence with communist nations like Australia) and he left a message on the cover sheet in Dwarvish. I have never managed to translate it. I'll blog it so you can have a go, but I suspect he made some errors.

Here's a cool idea. Let's invent a coded language for this blog. That'll drive the NSA bonkers!

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