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Thursday, 22 August 2013


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Someone who is quite perceptive, in my opinion.


Who is Yellow Yoda ??


More than "You shall not pass!!!"? I think Peter Weir stole the line of dialog that followed that from Star Wars I and IV.


My favourite quote is in the first LOTR movie:

Gandalf: Is it secret? Is it safe?


I should add my hypothesis that YodaYellow is a devout Muslim as she understands the importance of a good beard to one's overall virtue. "Use the chin, Thygocanberra!"


There is no blasphemy here. (In this modern world, blasphemy has become a very subjective term. Even I would struggle to correctly assign in. Job certainly blasphemes.)

However, I do not tend to quote much from LOTR. My favourite quote from the book is "Nasty thieving hobbitses", and I apply it liberally to my software when it accepts data but gives no output. My favourite movie quote (again applied to software when it refuses to obey me) is "Open the side pod door, Hal". (There was no "side pod door" in the book - Stanley Kubrick should take a bow for adding that.) But my most used movie quote is "I've got a bad feeling about this", which is applied to software that is giving the right answer but I am not sure it should be able to. However, I cringe each time I here it in the movie. It represents the very worst of George Lucas' mediocre dialogue writing abilities.

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