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Tuesday, 27 August 2013


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Indeed wise python, the light in your (self?) portrait is very arresting.

On the ABC Radio show 'philosopher's zone' I heard a discussion of how we might meaningfully interpret/apply Aristotle's view thagit man seeks happiness - the interviewee proposed - 'being well by doing well'- far different to the colloquial understanding of happiness which is invariably concerned with sensual gratification.

Yes, let us seek the Lord and beseech of him the grace to live aright and to receive his forgiveness (see I am only a Pelagian in my Empire name - we cannot perfect ourselves, only cooperating with grace can achieve that).


Happiness is a gift from God, always sought, rarely found. A better goal is to seek the Lord and forgive your mistakes along the way.


More to life than work. Happy you look.

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