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Friday, 14 June 2013


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I guess I now know what to get you for Christmas.


I'll have to borrow chariot from you.


How can you not remember the battle of Thymbra (546 BC) between the Persians and the Lydians. Croesus of Lydia had some swordsmen. And what about the Historian's scenario - the Aequi and the Romans (458 BC). Where there are Romans, there are swordsmen.


And I always think of the gladius when I see Dame Edna Everage with her gladioli, and I wonder what the Latins called that flower. In the spirit of argument and pedantry, Ceasar instructed his third line at Pharsalas to use their piluim to disperse Pompey's cavalry.

Who had swords in Chariot?

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