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Saturday, 15 June 2013


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Dipak Panchal

Wonderful synopsis that still rings true. Steven Moffat must go in order to preserve the show for the next generation of loyal fans. The concept of Dr. Who is much more than the sum of its parts and mere entertainment.


Every now and then I find myself analysing the Doctor Who plot line. Then I slap myself n the wrist and remind myself that it is just fiction. Oddly, I don't have that problem with analysing Star Trek, Star Wars, Terry Pratchett's Diskworld, Harold Potter etc. I do agree there is something overly convoluted about Dr Who that makes each episode more like magic than sci-fi. That is, we wait for the doctor to reveal yet another awesome ability, rather than rely on one of the 1000 odd abilities he has from previous episodes. I think my success in dealing with the other works of fiction is that they set up the heroes abilities pretty early on and then just use them. (For that matter, I did like the end of Eragon where the magic that breaks the old magician was something the hero had done in the first book and completely ignored all the cleverness he learned in books 2,3 and 4. Perhaps it reflects my fondness for Luke 10:21.)

The family won't eat tonight if I comment on the full article, but good, well thought out argument.

For my self, I'll switch on Doctor Who next series to see what happens all the same. After all, fiction is fiction, and bends to the will of the creator. Science is brutal to anyone with such hubris.


*rapturous applause*

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